Terms and Conditions

Registration Requirement

Registration is required for some of the services or features available on this Site. We require current, valid, and true information about you in all respects. If you change your details, you must send us the new information immediately to roodolphcompany@gmail.com . The password you provide should be unique and kept secure, and you must notify ROODOLPH  team immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.


Eligibility To Purchase

To complete a transaction on our website, you must provide us your particulars, including real name, contact number, e-mail address and other information as indicated. You will also be requested to provide payment details that are both valid and correct and must confirm that you are the individual referred to in the Billing information provided. ROODOLPH will only deal with individuals who meet our terms of eligibility and those who have been issued a valid credit card by a bank acceptable to ROODOLPH In addition, you agree that we may use Personal information provided by you in order to conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks. Personal Information that you provide may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information.



You can choose to pay with credit or debit cards. All banking transactions are managed by Midtrans.


Payment by Card

You may pay with your Visa or MasterCard securely over the Internet. Your payment is handled by Midtrans with secure encryption and under strict banking standards. Your card details are sent directly to the bank and can not be read or accessed by anyone other than your bank.



Once we have received your order we will send a confirmation to the e-mail address provided. It is therefore important that you enter your real e-mail address when placing your order. Save this e-mail in order to facilitate any contact with customer service. The order confirmation (receipt) also serves as a guarantee of proof of purchase.


Terms and Withdrawal

It is important that you as the customer check your goods / products when you receive your shipment in order to verify that the products are correct and not damaged. For all inquiries regarding returns and defective items, please e-mail us at roodolphcompany@gmail.com or use our form on the contact page before sending the goods back to us, in order to verify the correct local shipping address and ensure timely processing of your request. Please supply the order number and the issue and we will get back to you shortly with instructions on how to return the item. Please contact us within 14 days. Defective products returned to ROODOLPH should be treated as though they were faultless. In all types of returns, it is extremely important that the product is packaged in such a way that it cannot be damaged.


Refund Policy

  1. Refund only can be claimed if the purchase was made at Roodolph authorized store / webstore. Other than that, we are not responsible to perform refund & money cannot be returned.
  2. Customers must confirm to Roodolph’s Customer Service in advance.
  3. Money can be returned if :
    1. The amount of money paid exceeds the amount that should be
    2. The item has 2nd (second) damage from the time it was first received for the next 30 days
  4. The customer cannot make an order cancellation which results in a refund after the transaction has already received by Roodolph.
  5. For points 3a the refund process is carried out no later than 7 (seven) days after the customer completes the refund form provided by Roodolph Customer Service.
  6. For point 3b, the refund process is carried out no later than 7 (seven) working days after Roodolph receives product returns from customers.


Return of Goods Policy

  1. The items to be returned are items purchased from Roodolph authorized store. Other than that, the items cannot be returned.
  2. Customers must confirm to Roodolph’s Customer Service in advance.
  3. The return of goods period is no later than 7 (seven) days after the item is received by the customer. If customer exceed the given period, the item cannot be returned.
  4. Shipping cost for returning goods from customers to Roodolph is the responsibility of customer. Furthermore, Roodolph is responsible for the cost of sending the goods back to the customer.
  5. Returned items must be in full condition according to the first time item was received by the customer.
  6. Items can be returned if there are material defects, such as (6 Month Period) :
    1. Broken glass
    2. Machine/movement is off
  7. The return process is carried out no later than 7(seven) working days after the item has received by Roodolph.



  • 6 Month Validity
  • Warranty is only valid if machine error occurs from our factory
  • Not applicable if there is damage cause by the consumer itself :
    • The wristwatch is fell/get hit by hard objects
    • The wristwatch immersed in water/soaked in excessive water intensity
    • The wristwatch glass is shattered, the steel part is fractured, and or damage that consumer caused by themselves
  • The process of repairmen/change of wristwatch is approximately 1 week
  • Be reminded, some of our type is a fashion watch, not sports watch, so it’s not suitable for extreme/excessice usage