Forte Silver Black
Forte Silver Black
Forte Silver Black

Forte Silver Black

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The Forte Series represents neatness, aesthetics, charm and a standard of living. Specially designed for office men, entrepreneurs or hard workers type who have a high level of formality. Showcasing the credibility of each wearer, the Forte Series is perfect for people who have a lot of events, loves meeting people to make a good and deep first impression.

Basic Spec
Gender: Man
Movement/ Machine: Miyota Japan 2115
Glass Material: Mineral Glass

Case Spec
Case Color: Silver
Case Material: Stainless Alloy
Case Texture: Glossy
Case Size: 42mm

Strap Spec
Strap Color: Black
Strap Material: Rubber
Strap Texture: Glossy
Strap Size: 20mm

Buckle Spec
Buckle Color: Silver
Buckle Material: Stainless Alloy
Buckle Size: 20mm

Dial Spec
Dial Color: Black
Dial Material: Alloy Plate
Dial Texture: Matte
Dial Size: 42mm

Hands Spec (3 Hands)
Hands Color: Silver
Hands Material: Stainless Alloy
Hands Texture: Glossy
Hands Size: 10mm/7mm

Button Spec
Button Color: Silver
Button Material: Chemical Alloy
Button Texture: Glossy
Button Size: 3mm

Forte Silver Black