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  1. Is Roodolph Watch waterproof?

Roodolph watch has 3 ATM water resistance, that is resistant to splashing water but not in high intensity (soaked or immersed in water)


  1. Does the Roodolph watch has a warranty?

Roodolph has a warranty in which the watch will be replaced only if there is a mistake from our factory and in case of error caused by our factory. But if the watch is damaged due to consumers, such as falling, broken glass, torn and worn leather, and lost, then we can’t replace it. Contact our official account in case of problems and we will help.


  1. How long does warranty take?

Valid for 6 months from initial purchase of Roodolph watches


  1. Where can I buy Roodolph watches?

Roodolph watches can be purchased directly through our website or our official account (Whatasapp) and can also be purchased at offline stores which is listed in our stockist.


  1. Can the consumer choose or combine buckle and strap color choices from Roodolph?

It can’t for now, Roodolph only provides watches that have been packaged per article and can’t be replaced in accordance with the combination of color or type of buckle and strap of its own.


  1. How long has Roodolph been running?

Roodolph was established in 2016 and Roodolph continues to develop its products in order to continue to satisfy constumers


  1. Is Roodolph only for a certain gender?

Roodolph watches have a size that can be used by both men and women (unisex) and suitable for everyday use for men and women


  1. Can Roodolph watches of mesh band type be arranged in big or small strap's size?

It can, by using a tool strap watch that can be purchased at stores/places services in your area.