Erudite All Black (32mm)
Erudite All Black (32mm)
Erudite All Black (32mm)

Erudite All Black (32mm)

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Meet our signature product. Crafted with meticulous attention and appreciation for minimalism, Erudite Series keeps your look on track at a moment’s notice and speaks your elegance. Easy and flexible to mix and match with any style, suitable for both men and women, Erudite makes your life run easier and simpler. 

Basic Spec
Gender: Women
Movement/ Machine: Miyota Japan 2035
Glass Material: Mineral Glass

Case Spec
Case Color: Black
Case Material: Stainless Alloy
Case Texture: Matte
Case Size: 32mm

Strap Spec
Strap Color: Black
Strap Material: Leather Suede
Strap Texture: Matte
Strap Size: 18mm

Buckle Spec
Buckle Color: Black
Buckle Material: Stainless Alloy
Buckle Size: 18mm

Dial Spec
Dial Color: Black
Dial Material: Alloy Plate
Dial Texture: Matte
Dial Size: 32mm

Hands Spec (3 Hands)
Hands Color: Black
Hands Material: Stainless Alloy
Hands Texture: Glossy
Hands Size: 10mm/7mm

Button Spec
Button Color: Black
Button Material: Chemical Alloy
Button Texture: Glossy
Button Size: 3mm

Erudite All Black (32mm)